A few thoughts on Classic Rock

Classic rock is the best, and the few stations that do play it need to have a bigger variety of songs. I heard the same song twice in two hours. Classic rock is pre-1975 and nobody can’t argue that. Anything before the early 60’s is rock and roll. Classic Rock is based on the coffee table book of the same name (new edition out in 2007) and is available as either a weekend, week or Bank Holiday course. Classic Rock is my favourite genre of music. The local classic rock station is the only station I ever have playing in my car. Classic rock is back in a big way, whether it be the Led Zeppelin guitar riffs that have come back to life with newer bands like Wolfmother or Kings and Queens’ psychedelic grooves. Another great band, the newer ones is Dead Meadow. All these bands follow a certain pattern of writing that I really like. The most important band out there I think was Black Sabbath who basically defined guitar riffs and bass lines for generations to come. Classic rock by definition, it's old, revered, canonized, and trapped in the amber of nostalgia. Many people think that Classic Rock is another kind of music that has died, I disagree. At the end of the day it really depends on the artist. Artists with deeper catalogs should tend to have higher numbers than artists with only an album or two. And artists with really long songs might have lower numbers than those with short songs. Artists are judged on the quality of their best work and on the quantity of their good work. One great album does not make a great band, but sometimes one amazing album which changed rock and roll warrants a high rating, as in the case, for instance, of the Sex Pistols. At the end of the day great albums are the classic ones, and as long as there are great rock albums there will be classic rock. Classic Rock

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