Thoughts on New Age Music

Some people really like New age music but I kind of find it extremely boring. Many think that it is calm, gentle, dreamy and should never be loud or harsh. I disagree, music should be loud and so one. It always like to blast my stereo and I never do so with new age music. New Age music is more elastic in that timing is there, but is not a master of the player. New age music is mostly a static music meaning that the chords do not change too much. In fact, you can have the same chord going on for 8, 16 and even 24 bars or more. Sometimes way to long…New Age music is largely typified by modal and consonant harmonies, usually in conjunction with patches of sound effects or nature samples. New Age music includes both electronic and instrumental forms. New age music can easily be confused with zombie music lol. They say that new age music is more of an outgrowth of new age spirituality, which often involves periods of relative quiet and meditation. The music tends to be highly repetitive and often seems a bit weird to normal people like me, which probably explains why the music hasn't found a larger audience. New Age music is soothing and relaxing for people with no taste and new age music listeners like water boiled tasteless food as well. If you are seeking music that is romantic and sensual, then don’t listen to new age music because there is isn’t anything romantic and sensual when you are falling asleep. New Age music is generally characterized as being primarily instrumental and repetitively melodic in nature. I have heard some new age stuff that was labelled as recordings of nature. If I want to listen to the sounds of nature I will go camping I won’t go buy a cd. But that’s just me. Hope you like my Music

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Peter said...

I agree, new age music sucks! Nice post