On Music in General

Music can be a huge part of the creative process. For many people music is a form of excitement in a sometimes dull world. Music cam be a stimulus for aspects of speech perception, but speech perception is not just the perception of sounds: it also includes perception of the speaker's movements such as facial expressions, body language and hand gestures. A definition of music could be sound that has been organized using rhythm , melody or harmony . If someone bangs saucepans while cooking , it makes noise, that’s not music in most cases unless it is done in an organized manner. Music can be a source of reconciliation, exhilaration, and of many emotions. Music reflects the mood of the times; different times in history had different popular music. The development of music through has changer, musical kinds have evolved but music has been music all along. Music is known to produce many different effects within the human brain. Effects range from hysteria to mild agitation. Music can change our lives mentally and physically no matter what our stage in life: baby, child, teen, adult or elder. Music can also be used to teach many concepts, especially language. Children are learning while doing something they love to do and they don’t even know they are learning! Music can move you, no matter what style, no matter who performs. Music can bring on strong emotions. Several scientific studies have been made to examine the effects of music. When listening to expressive classical music, babies hone their ability to detect moods and emotions in others, while developing awareness of their own inner processes through the nuances of feeling evoked by the music. Music can help this world roll in a better direction. Music can focus the mind on the sounds being perceived and promote learning through an interactive process. It is important in teaching early childhood students to be conscious of auditory and discrimination skills. Music can be used in many ways to enhance a visual experience, it is used in movies, television or many simpler things, even slide shows. Music can be an important way to enhance a slideshow. Music can also be used to assist one in self-esteem improvement and furthering an individual's personal growth and development. This blog is about music, all the kinds of music and its development. Hope you like my Music Reviews

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