A Good DJ-Know Music Don’t Own Cheap DJ Equipment

A good DJ is going to crop the beginning and end and just use the "meat" in the middle. A good DJ is somebody who goes the extra mile, a DJ who will play the same stuff you have at home, but play it in a way you will never hear it. A good DJ is not a jukebox. He will blend requests with songs he feels will properly motivate the crowd. A good DJ is charismatic enough to speak lively to the crowd without having to sport a goofy voice. A DJ has to have the capacity to pay attention to the needs of a crowd and adjust accordingly. A good DJ is more efficient and less pricey than a live band, and since the music is continuous and varying artists, you get more music for your hard earned money. A DJ can provide all styles of music by the original artists and remixes are available. A good DJ is worth more than some carrots and celery. A good DJ is a cat that is confident, but not cocky. A good DJ is just like a good photographer and should be booked 6 to 12 months in advance. A good DJ is one who can mix and by mixing I mean taking songs and beat matching or transitioning them to create a nice rhythmic flow. Mixing Music is an art form unto itself, taking the listener on a journey if you will through the music, building a set that may start off slow and build in intensity or just giving something more through the track selection. A good DJ always gets the best equipment and stays away from Cheap DJ equipment. Its ok to buy Dj equipment at a discount, low price is not the problem here. It is having low quality DJ equipment. By Cheap DJ equipment I mean low quality DJ equipment not low price. A good DJ is a confident, articulate and impeccable emcee. A good DJ is a lot more than a record spinner, anyone can do just that. Being a good DJ includes getting the people involved. A good DJ is not a jukebox. He or she will blend requests with songs he or she feels will properly motivate the crowd. On more thing a good DJ must be is always efficient, ahead of the game, organized and prepared. When hiring a DJ make sure your thinking ahead as well. A good DJ is the performer, moving and engaging the crowd. This engagement is equal to falling in love.

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