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Another band that I really enjoy is Blue Oyster Cult. Most of the classic rock out there, and in other words most of today’s rock as well has its roots in old blues music. I could accept an argument in their favour, though. Blues was and still is a very powerful form of music. Blues/Rock Harmonica with Soul-ful vocals I play some mean harp from slow blues to hard rock. Blues is probably the most emotion based genre of music there is as it’s primary focus is often heartbreak, a very emotional subject. The best musicians in any genre can convey their feelings and their soul through their music. And this is something that only successful artists manage to do. Because at the end of the day what is music anyway? It is a form of expression. Music is not only a form of expression. It has other beneficial characteristics. You might be wondering what. Many experiments have been made over the course of many years and have produced many surprising results. The results have been surprising to almost everyone except rock enthusiasts. Rock and Roll was found to be a highly effective cure for many common ailments including, but not limited to: close mindedness, old age, boredom and unhappiness. Hope you like my Music Blog

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